The 18th Dynasty 1570-1293 BCE This Dynasty, along with Dynasties XIX and XX, is referred to as the New Kingdom. This was a time of great prosperity for Egypt, as is demonstrated by the lavish works of art and architecture of this period. This was also a time of great change. Both Akhenaten and Hatshepsut challenged the accepted norms of the time. For more information about them, see their pages linked below. Pharaohs of the 18th Dynasty Ahmose I 1570-1546 Amenhotep I 1551-1524 Tuthmosis I 1524-1518 Tuthmosis II 1518-1504 Queen Hatshepsut 1498-1483 Tuthmosis III 1504-1450 Amenhotep II 1453-1419 Tuthmosis IV 1419-1386 Amenhotep III 1386-1349 Amenhotep IV(Akhenaten) 1350-1334 Smenkhkare 1336-1334 Tutankhamen 1334-1325 Ay 1325-1321 Horemheb 1321-1293 Other Dynasties
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Family Tree of the 18th Dynasty Amenhotep III
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