Anubis (Also known as Anpu) Son of Nephthys and Osiris. Known as a guardian and guide of the dead. He leads the dead to the where his/her heart is weighed and carefully checks the scales. His paternal lineage is a matter of debate. One story says that he was born as a result of Osiris mistaking Nephthys for Isis. Nephthys was careful to conceal her pregnancy from everybody and Anubis was secretly born in a field, where he was abandoned. Isis found out about it and brought the baby back to her home. She allowed the child to be suckled by a greyhound (or some form of dog) who just had a litter of puppies. Anubis grew up with the instincts of the dog. Set was furious when he found out his wife had a child with Osiris and vowed to kill him, which he did, twice. Proponents of this view say Anubis must be son of Set because of his dark nature and also their physical resemblance to each other. Other Gods ©2004 Fruit of the Nile. All Rights Reserved.