Hymn to Aten

"A hymn of praise to Heru-khuti, who springeth up joyfully

in the horizon in his name of 'Shu who is in the Disk,' and who

liveth for ever and for ever, Aten the Living One, the Great

One, he who is celebrated in the thirty year festival, the lord

of the orbit of the sun, the lord of the sun, the lord of heaven

the lord of earth, the lord of the House of Aten in the city of

Khut-Aten, by the king of the South and of the North, who

liveth by Maat, the Lord of the Two Lands,

Nefer-kheperu-Ra-ua-en-Ra, the son of the Sun, who liveth

by Maat, the lord of crowns, Khu-en-Aten, who is great in the

duration of his life, and by his great royal wife, his darling, The

Lady of Two Lands, Nefert-iti, Nefer-neferu-Aten, the living

one, the strong one for ever."

The king saith, "Thy rising is beautiful in the horizon of heaven,

O thou Aten, who hadst thine existence in primeval time. When

thou risest in the eastern horizon thou fillest every land with thy

beauties, thou art beautiful to see, and art great, and art like a

crystal, and art high above the earth. Thy beams of light embrace

the lands, even every land which thou hast made. Thou art like Ra,

and thou bringest thyself unto each of them, and thou bindest them

with thy love. Thou art remote, but thy beams are upon the earth.

So long as thou art in the heavens day shall follow upon thy

footsteps. When thou settest in the western horizon the earth is

in darkness, and is like a being that is dead."

-Akhenaten (Khu-en-Aten)

Text taken from E.A. Wallis Budge's "The Gods of the

Egyptians, Vol. I" page 75

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