A number of gods throughout Egyptian history 
were called Horus.  The one referred to here
is Horus, son of Osiris.  He was the avenger of
his father's death, thus the prototype of the good
son.  In his adult form he is depicted as a falcon
headed man wearing the double crown of Egypt.
Another form of this god is Horus-the-child, or
Heru-pa-Khret (Harpocrates, in Greek).  In this
form he is shown as a child with a side-lock of hair
and a finger to his lips.  Sometimes he is being
suckled by his mother Isis.  There is also the very
ancient sun god Horus the Elder.  In this aspect he 
is said to predate Ra and some interpertations 
contend that Horus, son of Osiris, is an earthly
reincarnation of the once great sun god Horus
the Elder.
Horus, son of Osiris, was conceived under
extraordinary circumstances.  His father had
been murdered, but partially brought back to life
by Isis.  Horus' conception had taken place during
this time, before Set had physically murdered
Osiris again. For more information about the battle
of Set and Osiris see their pages.
Thoth had told Isis that Horus would be the
avenger of his father's death and that he was.  He
battled his uncle Set for many years and
eventually won the throne of both Upper and
Lower Egypt.
Set had been the first ruler of both lands, but
unjustly so.  Horus was the first to rightfully hold
that position.  During the Old Kingdom period of 
ancient Egypt it was believed that every pharaoh
was the living reincarnation of Horus.
Horus represents renewed strength and vigor,
the restoration of what is right and hope for a
brighter future.

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