The First Intermediate Period The 9th & 10th Dynasties 2161-2040 BCE Pharaohs of these dynasties include: Merykare and Kaneferre. As with the 7th and 8th dynasties, little is known about this period. Egypt was still in turmoil. There was still war brewing and famine was rampant due to poor inundation. The public's faith in Pharaoh had decreased a great deal and the status he enjoyed during the Old Kingdom would never be seen again. It is during this time that we begin to see 'coffin texts'. These are spells and such written on coffins to assist the deceased in the afterlife. The non-royal people of Egypt begin to believe that they do not need to pay service to Pharaoh to secure a position in the afterlife, they now have the coffin texts to do this. I have grouped the 9th and 10th dynasties together because they occurred concurrently. That is, Egypt was divided and ruled by different Kings at the same time. Other Dynasties
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