A Fact File About The Nile I've noticed a lot of people are searching my site for information about the Nile River. This page offers plenty.
The Natural World More information about the Nile River from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.
Egyptian Galleries @ the UPM of Archaeology and Anthropology See your name in Hieroglyphs, plus learn about Ancient Egyptian writing and mummies.
Death in Ancient Egypt Funerary customs, shabtis, mummies, tombs and more.
Tour Egypt's King List A list of Egyptian Pharaohs with further information about some of the more prominant ones.
Guardian's Egypt Features 'CyberJourney to Egypt' where you tour various pyramids and popular sites in Egypt. Also contains panoramics, lots of links and much more.
Egypt and Art Contains paintings and photographs by Richard Deurer.
Nova Online/Pyramids-The Inside Story Online tour of the Pyramids of Giza.
Egyptology Resources A vast collection of resources including: e-mail addresses of Egyptologists, information about the ongoing excavation of Tomb 99, museums, institutions, digs, journals and much more.
Theban Mapping Project Information about the Theban Necropolis, the Valley of the Kings and the ongoing excavation of tomb KV5.
Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt Elaborate site featuring information about pyramids, monuments, pharaohs, writing, mathematics, free screen savers and more.
Egypt--a Country Study An extremely extensive site featuring information about Egypt from its very ancient orgins to modern day life with an emphasis on governmental and political issues.
Duke Papyrus Archive Provides text and images of over 1000 papyri from Ancient Egypt.
The Lighthouse of Alexandria Information about the Lighthouse of Alexandria.
Metropolitan Museum of Art's Egyptian Collection
View works of from the museum's
Monoliths, Obelisks See where a number of Egyptian Obelisks stand today.
Egyptvoyager.com Information about Egypt, including tourism, arts & crafts, hieroglyphs, 3D illustrations, virtual tours and more.
The Pronunciation of Ancient Egyptian More information about the Egyptian Language.
Ancient Egyptian Rods Modern day pyramids in Russia and information about Egyptian Rods.
Egyptian Dance! The Heart of Belly Dance The Site covers many facets of the dance including the history and culture from which it grew.
Authentic Egyptian Papyrus Handmade Egyptian paintings on paper made from papyrus plants grown on the Nile river.
Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Egyptians This site includes music, articles, screensavers, graphic website building aids, games, gallery, poetry, travel info and more.
Gateway to Ancient Egypt Information about Dynasties, Monuments, Temples, Gods and more.
The Majestic Egyptians This site features life in Ancient Egypt and its history.
 Egipto em Portugues  A Portuguese language non-commercial site covering many of Egypt's ancient monuments, Egyptology, travel information, wallpapers, links and a Forum.
 Stoneart Designs  176 Esoteric paintings covering Egyptian deities and many other traditions available in prints and cards.

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