(Also known as Asar & Ausar)
God of agriculture before his death, ruler of
the dead afterwards.  Usually depicted as
a mummified man with green or black skin.
Husband of Isis, father of Horus and Anubis, 
brother of Set and Nephthys, son of Nuit and 
Osiris was the first god born to live upon the
earth.  His brother Set was the second.  It
was decided (some say by Ra) that Osiris
would rule lower Egypt and Set would rule
upper Egypt.  Lower Egypt had an abundance
of fertile soil and Osiris was quite skilled at
the art of growing.  In fact, it is written that
where ever he walked, things would bloom.
He traveled throughout Egypt teaching people
how to produce food from the land.  Before
this people were primarily hunters.  This in 
turn helped to 'domesticate' people.  That
is, they were able to settle down and begin
to appreciate the finer things of life, instead
of constantly roaming the land in search of food.
Meanwhile, Set was growing increasingly 
disgruntled by the popularity of his brother.
  Set's kingdom was for the most part 
barren and his people therefore relied on
hunting for food.  Many of his people saw what
was happening in Osiris' kingdom and wished
to have an easier life too.  So, they began 
migrating north.  Before long Set decided
he must put an end to this.
His plan was simple.  He obtained the exact
measurements of Osiris' body and had a
chest made to fit him.  Set had heard that
Isis was away traveling and Osiris was 
having a party to celebrate his 28th birthday.
Set showed up at Osiris' home with the chest
and 72 companions.  It was said to be a very
beautiful chest, with inlaid gold and precious
stones.  Set declared that who ever fit inside
the chest would be able to keep it.  A couple
of people tried it but they did not fit.  Then
Osiris tried it and of course it was a perfect
fit.  As soon as he laid down inside of it, Set's
companions closed the lid and nailed it shut.
They ran off with it and threw it into the Nile.
When Isis got word of this she immediately
began her search for the body of Osiris.  She
eventually found him and partially brought him
back to life.  For more details, see Isis' page.
When Set discovered that Osiris had been
regenerated, he once again set out to destroy
his brother.  He found Osiris and cut him into
14 pieces and threw them into the Nile.  Isis,
Nephthys and Anubis found 13 pieces and
with the help of Thoth they were able to 
resurrect his soul.  Again, for more information,
see Isis' page.
From this point on, Osiris made his kingdom the
underworld or the Duat/Tuat.  Before his arrival
it was a barren, desolate place.  But Osiris 
brought the joys of life on earth to the Duat.
People who practiced a good existence while on
earth were assured of a pleasant afterlife with
all the amenities they enjoyed while alive.

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