Ptah His cult center was in Memphis. Husband of Sekhmet, father of Nefertem. The people of Memphis believed that he was the creator god and his worship dates back to the earliest times in Egypt. Ptah was known to be a god of crafts and craftsmen. His name means engraver or carver. He was usually depicted as a mummified man holding the emblems of the Pharaoh. He wore a skullcap and his skin was often painted green. His cult believed that he created all the other gods through the act of speech. His tongue was associated with Thoth. When his position as creator was usurped by other gods, namely Ra and Amen, his aspect as patron of the arts became more prevalent. Ramses II considered him to be the third most important god, after Amen and Ra. Other Gods ©2004 Fruit of the Nile. All Rights Reserved.