(aka Seth, Suti & Sutekh)
Brother of Osiris, Isis and Nephthys.  Somewhat
estranged husband of Nephthys.  Son of Nuit and
Geb.  Murderer of Osiris.  He is depicted as a man
 with the head of an unidentified animal.  Some have
guessed that the 'Set animal' was some sort of
donkey, jackel or dog.    He is also associated with the
 serpent, crocodile, hippopotamus and pig. This animal, 
whatever it was, has been hunted to the point of
 extinction.  It was a desert predator and had a red
 coat.  For this reason, Set is often associated with
 red haired people and animals.  He is associated
with the heat and violent dust storms of the Egyptian
 desert. He is a hunter by nature and well equipped
 to live off of the land.  Set is said to be a god of
drunkeness and war.  Followers of Set can be assured
 that their enemies are his enemies and he will do
everything in his power to destroy them.  His cult
center was located in Ombos.
His most villainous side is portrayed in the often
mentioned tale of his battle with his brother Osiris
and his nephew Horus.  For more information, see
Osiris' page.
For many Set represents the element of limitation.
All good things must come to an end, and Set is there
perform such a task.  This is not necessarily a negative
thing.  He instigates change where things have grown
stagnant, whether it be for good or evil.  The distinction
is irrelevant to him.  In this sense he brings about new
beginnings, even if they should arrive unwelcomely.  For
this reason, he is a god of change, confusion and chaos.
During much of Egyptian history Set was a god who
struck fear and anger in the hearts of the people.
This occurred to the point where people and animals
with red hair were shunned and in some case killed
because of their 'physical allegiance' to Set.
However, during the 19th Dynasty Pharaohs such as 
Seti I and Ramses II made an attempt at popularizing 
the worship of Set.  Some believe this was due to the 
fact that the above mentioned Pharaohs had features
corresponding to Set, i.e. red hair.  It certainly didn't
hurt that both pharaohs were famed warriors and
gained a lot of territory for the kingdom.
Sacred Days of Set
(These dates have been compiled by 
Reverend Harold Moss and are used 
here with his permission)
27th of Thuthi [Thoth](August 14)
Day of peace between Set and Horus
23rd of Hethara [Hathor](October 9)
Ra judges the dispute between Set and Horus
26th of Hethara [Hathor](October 12)
Red Land given to Set
3rd of Mechir (December 18) 
Set goes forth
17th of Parmuti (March 2)
Set goes forth
The 3rd Epagomenal day (July 16)
Birthday of Set

Note: The Ancient Egyptian calendar is
still a topic of much debate.  Some accounts
give July 4 as the 3rd Epagomenal day;
While others place this date in early to
mid August.

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