Sobek (aka Sebek, Sobk, Suchos, Sebeq, Souchos) Sobek was a crocodile god, usually depicted as a crocodile or a human male with the head of a crocodile. His cult center was Crocodilopolis (Arsinoe) in the Faiyum. He was the son of Neith. Many believe his worship arose from fear of crocodiles; the Egyptian people appeased Sobek in order to appease crocodiles in general. In some regions of Egypt crocodiles were held sacred. Some were tamed, ornamented with jewelry and hand fed meats, cakes and milk and honey by priests. However, in other areas, they were hunted and killed. There are conflicting accounts of the nature of Sobek. Some believe he was evil and destruction, while others say he was a repairer of the evil Set had done. According to this view, Sobek brings together elements that has been separated by evil. The Pyramid Texts and The Book of the Dead both cite Sobek's assistance of the deceased. He restores the deceased's eyes and mouth, protects him/her from Set and leads them to 'heaven'. Some believe that Sobek had a four-fold nature, in that he represented the four elemental gods: Ra - Fire Shu - Air Geb - Earth Osiris - Water Other Gods ©2004 Fruit of the Nile. All Rights Reserved.