The Third Intermediate Period Dynasties XXI - XXV The priests of Amen at Thebes had become quite wealthy and are easily able to take control of Upper Egypt. The high priest Herihor was the first. Before becoming pharaoh, he was an official of Ramses XI. Other priest/pharoahs include: Piankh, Pinedjem I and Masaherta. The 21st dynasty officially begins with the pharaoh Smendes I ruling Lower Egypt from the city of Tanis. The second pharaoh, Amenemnisu, only ruled for 4 years. Other pharaohs of the 21st dynasty include: Psusennes I, Amenemope, Siamun and Psusennes II. The 22nd dynasty sees a long line of Libyans take the throne from the city of Bubastis. The first pharaoh, Sheshonq I, manages to unite the rule of Tanis and Thebes. He also conquered Judah and Israel in 925 BCE. Egypt once again begins to fall apart during the reign of Takelot I. The 23rd dynasty begins in Leontopolis under Pedibastet. Nubians conquer Egypt and begin the 25th dynasty. Piankhi is the first pharaoh of this dynasty. He is a follower of Amen, this appears to help the Egyptian people accept his rule. Other pharaohs of this dynasty include: Shabaka, Shebitku, Taharqa and Tanutamun. The last pharaoh enjoys a number of short lived victories. He assumes control of Memphis, Thebes and Aswan. However, eventually the Assyrians conquer and begin the 26th dynasty also known as the Saite period. Other Dynasties
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