The 5th Dynasty 2498-2345 BCE Pharaohs of this dynasty include: Userkaf, Sahure, Shepseskare, Niuserre and Unas. During the 5th dynasty it is said that the pharaohs became less powerful than earlier pharaohs and the cult of Ra gained much strength. This is shown by the fact that the dynasty's first pharaoh, Userkaf, adopted a new form of name: Son of the sun. Every pharaoh of Egypt afterwards also held this name. Another sign of Ra's increasing popularity was the construction of solar temples at every pyramid complex of this dynasty. They were built as shrines for Ra. The pyramid of Unas at Saqqara is probably the most significant monument of the 5th dynasty. The reason being is that it contained what is now referred to as The Pyramid Texts. These texts cover the walls of Unas' pyramid with spells, formulae and much information about the Egyptian religion. Other Dynasties
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