The Middle Kingdom The 12th Dynasty 1991-1782 BCE The 12th dynasty was a time of reunification for Egypt. Her borders were expanded and trade was established (or re-established) with neighboring countries. This dynasty also saw the beginning of co-regency. The Co-Regent was selected by Pharaoh, usually late in his reign, and was typically his son. Two of the greatest Egyptian literary works were written during this time: "The Instructions of Amenemhet" and "The Story of Sinuhe". The former was written by Amenemhet I to his successor son Senusret I. The deceased Pharaoh told his son in a dream that he was murdered by a guard. He also warned Senusret not to become to close to anybody. Being Pharaoh was indeed a lonely job. The Middle Class came of age. They realized that Pharaoh was not a god and that they were entitled to the same rights in the afterlife. As a result, burial customs changed to reflect this. Osiris had been a god of the deceased Pharaoh, now he was the god of all the deceased. Wealth had become more distributed and the middle class could afford more. Pharaohs of the 12th Dynasty Amenemhet I - 1991-1962 Senusret I - 1971-1926 Amenemhet II - 1929-1895 Senusret II - 1897-1878 Senusret III - 1878-1841 Amenemhet III - 1842-1797 Amenemhet IV - 1798-1786 Queen Sobeknefru - 1785-1782 Other Dynasties ©2004 Fruit of the Nile. All Rights Reserved.