The 20th Dynasty 1185-1070 BCE This Dynasty, along with Dynasties XVIII and XIX, is referred to as the New Kingdom. The prosperity of the previous dynasties continues, however, with the end of this dynasty we see a steady decline in the Egyptian civilization. Never again would She know triumphs and joys of earlier eras. During the 20th Dynasty, 9 Pharaohs took the name Ramses. It should be noted that none of them were related to Ramses II of the 18th Dynasty. Ramses III is often called 'the last great pharaoh of Egypt'. It is after his reign that fragmentation and trouble occurs. The priest of Amen take control of Upper Egypt. Pharaohs of the 20th Dynasty Setnakhte 1185-1182 Ramses III 1182-1151 Ramses IV 1151-1145 Ramses V 1145-1141 Ramses VI 1141-1133 Ramses VII 1133-1126 Ramses VIII 1133-1126 Ramses IX 1126-1108 Ramses X 1108-1098 Ramses XI 1098-1070 Other Dynasties
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